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Story Ship Crew Training

Welcome Aboard! We are so excited to have you working with us. Below you will find training pages for each show. Please follow the links to learn everything you need to know. You will be scheduled for live in personing training and live training shows after you have completed the online training. Be sure to memorize the scripts for each show before live training. Please let me know if you have any questions by calling me directly at 912-663-6320 or emailing me.

General Training

Some of our training videos and documents are directed toward general information that can be applied to all of the shows. Watch these videos and read this documents to find out more how to perform our shows.

General Show Setup & Operation Videos

Audience Control

Theater Training Background Stage.png

Show's Videos

Click on the links below to expore training for each show.

"Diggery's Dinosaur Adventure"

"Construction Junction"

"Pirate Goodie & the Magic Chest"

"The Circus King"

"Super Me!"

"The Great Pirate Race

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