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"The best performance we have ever had.”

Springfield Elementary - Springfield, GA



Girl Scans Dino Egg "Digger Dino Show" School Assembly Show
Kids Roar In Dinosaur Song And Dance
Digging Treasure Pirate Show School Assembly Theater Show
Pirate Goodie sing songs during anti bullying school show.
Construction Game Show EOG School Show
Dice Roll - EOG Giant Game Show For Schools and After Care

Our shows combine interactive animation, comedy theater, magic, puppets, games, puzzles and music into unique immersive experiences.




Sean Driscoll and his Story Ship have thrilled audiences with educational workshops and performances for over 30 years. The shows combine interactive animation, music, storytelling, theater, comedy, games, puzzles and magic. This unique combination makes their performances and workshops truly original. The Story Ship artists perform regularly throughout the United States in theaters, schools, libraries, resorts, after school programs, and festival settings. They reach thousands of children and adults each year through hundreds of residencies, workshops and performances with audiences up to 8,000 kids. They have performed over 7,000 shows!

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Sean Driscoll began performing professionally at the age of fifteen. At sixteen he was awarded the Young Artist award in Atlanta, GA and began a long career entertaining children in schools with educational programs. Now forty years later, Sean currrently tours regularly throughout the United States performing in theaters, schools, libraries, radio, television, concert and festival settings. Sean completed his BFA in music from Florida State University and taught classical guitar for ten years at Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah, GA. He has been selected for hundreds of Artist in Residency programs in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,  (1990-present). Mr. Driscoll reaches thousands of children and adults each year through hundreds of residencies, workshops and performances.



We are still offering virtual educational children's shows through Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and other major streaming portals! These programs are available with a live actor interacting or as a pre-recorded video on demand service. The Story Ship's virtual shows offer the same great combination of animation, comedy theater, magic, puppets, games puzzles and music that have thrilled live audiences for two decades. Each show is carefully crafted to provide an extraordinary interactive educational experience. Originally developed for school assemblies and large theater audiences, The Story Ships' shows were perfect for adaption to the virtual stage with their unique technological approach. Now school and general audience shows are just as powerful and engaging as the live shows.

  • Four Extraordinary Shows -

  • Educational

    Each show focuses on national standards for subject areas such as math, language arts, reading, STEAM, character ed, anti-bullying and science. 

  • Interactive

    The shows are developed to being highly interactive with kids participating every 2 minutes. We also have created interactive props for each show that can be downloaded or created. This keeps them more actively engaged. For instance, during the pirate show there is a downloadable treasure map or in our super hero show there are special X-Ray visions glasses to decode secret message.

  • Fun

    Kids, parents, teachers and staff members all find our shows to be super fun with something for both grownups and kids to enjoy

  • Easy 
    Easy to book, easy to prepare for and easy on the pocket book starting $395!

  • Live Actor Or Pre-recorded
    Available with a live actor in real time or pre-recorded video




The Story Ship's Virtual Shows

Diggery Digger's Dino Adventure - The Story Ship

Diggery Digger's Dino Adventure - The Story Ship
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Diggery Digger's Dino Adventure - The Story Ship

Diggery Digger's Dino Adventure - The Story Ship

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Super Me Virtual Show Preview YouTube

Super Me Virtual Show Preview YouTube

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X-ray Vision Glasses How To

X-ray Vision Glasses How To

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Virtual Show Tech Info

All Story Ship virtual shows are available through Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and most other major streaming portals. Please call (912) 663-6320 to review and setup the best solution for your needs. Currently, the best modes or streaming are:


Zoom currently offers the greatest interaction with audience members. Schools are limited to 50 classrooms per show. Additional, arrangements can be made for students at home to login to the show remotely.

Goggle Meet

Google meet is another great way to bring the shows to you students or viewer area. Please call or email for details


Facebook allows easy setup through the schools own Facebook Page for broadcasting the show. The School will need to allow The Story Ship temporary administrative access to their page. If this is a problem do not worry because we can also host the show on our own Facebook Page and allow access either through password or regional limited viewership.


We can give you access to a link to download the video or we can set it up on our Facebook or YouTube channel. We limit viewership to only kids in your school or presenting.

Live In Person Show Tech Info

Please email us for your specific live show requesting a tech rider and stage plots

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Booking Agent, 912-663-6320




Casting Director, 912-663-6320



The Story Ship's Captain

Sean Driscoll, 912-663-6320

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