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"Super Me!"

Live Immersive Adventure

  • Highly Interactive Experience

  • Utilizes CASEL's Social Emotional Learning Framework

  • Large Video Screen With Interactive Animation & Live Characters

  • Puzzles

  • Amazing Magic

  • Movement

  • Real World Solutions to Real World Problems


“Super Me” is a fast-paced immersive adventure combining high-energy movement, puzzles astounding magic, interactive animation, and a live actor. Audience members are taken on an interactive journey into a comic book world to help a young boy escape from bullies.


Kids interact with the animated and real-life characters. The audience must help the boy overcome obstacles and solve puzzles using superpowers (Superhuman Strength, X-Ray vision, Telekinesis, and Aquakinesis.)

The show focuses on CASEL's Social Emotional Learning Framework. Students observe and take part in theatrical games that teach competency in Self-Management, Self-Awareness, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Skills. The kids not only see real life examples of bullying but are given clear step by step actions to help them deal with real world situations.

Secret messages giving kids methods for fighting against bullies are shown throughout the show. The messages can viewed with optional "Super Me!" X-Ray vision decoder glasses or the Super Me X-Ray Vision App. The message appears without the decoder glasses after initial viewing, so it is not necessary for every child to have the app or glasses to completely enjoy the show.

The supporting free X-Ray vision app can be downloaded (For Android Devices / For Apple Devices) here. You can also download our X-Ray vision glasses template and watch a video on how to make them from the above links!

Available LIVE AND IN PERSON or..


Through - Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook, Youtube and most all streaming portals.

For Ages: Best for K – 5th Grade

45 Minute Show

Download Study Guide

"Super Me!" Theme SongSean Driscoll - The Story Ship
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We need you to help fight against bullying!
Super Me Virtual Show Preview
She Picked It Up!
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Thors Hammer 2
Thors Hammer
Billy close up best in castle at mirror.
X-Ray Vision
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