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Create Your Story
or Script

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 (Teacher PD and 3rd – 5th Grades  Student Workshops)


For 25 years I have traveled the United States teaching kids to write their own stories then record them telling You will find these stories on The Story Ship's Podcast. Now I will share with you the techniques I used to get kids to write highly creative amazing stories!


From a blank sheet to a complete short story or script, this workshop takes you and your students through the entire process. First, we’ll start with a simple templet. Then we’ll do an in-depth analysis of story development examining the stories of great children’s books authors and works of scholars such as Joseph Campbell. From there, we'll develop a more complex outline filling out the basic story structure. And then paragraph by paragraph I’ll help you write your very own creation.


Along the way you will learn about:


Story Templates

Character Traits

Character Development

Effective Dialog

Role Playing Games


Story Arch Models

Strong Openings

Perfect Endings


Join me for fun filled journey into your student’s own story creation process.

This workshop is broken into three 45 to 50 minute sessions.

Available virtually or in person.

Cost for the entire workshop $350 per class

For Staff Development $450.

Call 912-663-6320 or Email for more information or to book.

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