The Great Pirate Race

Available For In Person Shows Only

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We are so excited this show! It combines all of our favorite things – board gaming, racing, music, magic and animation! The board game and animation parts of the show are projected on to a large screen. The audience is divided into two teams. The teams are in a race to get to the treasure. Each team will have to complete on stage challenges that include solving math or reading questions, solving puzzles, helping with magic tricks and team comedy challenges all held on stage with a live Pirate! THIS SHOW IS HIGHLY INTERACTIVE WITH OVER 60 OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE AUDIENCE MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE! Get ready for high seas swashbuckling adventure! Call 912-663-6320 or email now to reserve your dates!

Duration: 45 -50 minutes

Setup Time: 1.5 hours

Tech Requirements:
Theaters – call (912) 663-6320 for Tech Riders and Stage Plots.
Schools – One electrical outlet. We bring the rest.

For Ages: Pre-K – 6th Grade (We adjust math problems to math ages. Teachers are welcome to submit problems they would like the student to solve.)

Main Pirate Race
PIrate Goodie Rope Trick
Desktop Pic Pirate