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Virtual Shows

We are still offering virtual educational children's shows through Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and other major streaming portals! These programs are available with a live actor interacting or as a pre-recorded video on demand service. The Story Ship's virtual shows offer the same great combination of animation, comedy theater, magic, puppets, games puzzles and music that have thrilled live audiences for two decades. Each show is carefully crafted to provide an extraordinary interactive educational experience. Originally developed for school assemblies and large theater audiences, The Story Ships' shows were perfect for adaption to the virtual stage with their unique technological approach. Now school and general audience shows are just as powerful and engaging as the live shows.

  • Four Extraordinary Shows -

  • Educational

    Each show focuses on national standards for subject areas such as math, language arts, reading, STEAM, character ed, anti-bullying and science. 

  • Interactive

    The shows are developed to being highly interactive with kids participating every 2 minutes. We also have created interactive props for each show that can be downloaded or created. This keeps them more actively engaged. For instance, during the pirate show there is a downloadable treasure map or in our super hero show there are special X-Ray visions glasses to decode secret message.

  • Fun

    Kids, parents, teachers and staff members all find our shows to be super fun with something for both grownups and kids to enjoy

  • Easy 
    Easy to book, easy to prepare for and easy on the pocket book starting $695!

  • Available Pre-recorded Only
    Available in a pre-recorded video format but with loads of interaction.

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