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Casting & Career Opportunities

The Story Ship is expanding its crew to serve kids all around the World. Each year, we turn away a plethora of booking opportunities because we don't have enough performers to fill the demand. So, we are actively searching for actors to perform for us. If you are interested in a super fun and exciting career performing for kids, this is an incredible opportunity.

Jump Start Your Career

It takes years to develop a career performing for kids in schools, libraries, museums, and theaters. Trust us! We have done it. Creating children's shows is expensive and hard to do. In addition, getting clearance to perform in schools is not easy. It takes years to get approval. Then you still have to develop and implement a marketing and advertising plan.

So, skip all these headaches by becoming a Story Ship actor. You can avoid the red tape, financial risks, and headaches that new children's performers face when starting their careers.

  • Learn from highly experienced performers.

  • Get on approved artist rosters immediately.

  • Have constant access to support from veteran actors to help you easily handle problems.

  • Have instant access to our client databases.

  • Skip the paperwork and headache of booking your shows and managing a company.

  • Avoid the high cost of buying sets, props, costumes, and audio-visual equipment.


Click Here for Details on How To Audition

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Create Your Own Shows

It's not just about doing our shows. We want to help you develop your own performances and share them with the world. We also want to give you the opportunity to not only get paid for the shows you perform but also get royalties when others perform shows you help create! The Story Ship gives you a built-in roster of actors who can perform the shows you create and pay you royalties.


We can provide you assistance with all aspects of show development including writing scripts, creating interactive video and animation, composing music, constructing props and more. You will be guided by a staff with decades of experience to shorten your learning curve and help you realize your vision efficiently. This will save you years of development time and thousands of dollars in cost.

How To Audition

The Story Ship is seeking profesional actors interested in pursing a career performing for children at theaters, museums, schools or anywhere kids gather across America. 


Audition And Training Process

There are seven steps:

  • Resume submittal and call back

  • Initial Interview VIA Zoom

  • Shadowing a Story Ship performer for one week

  • Online Training

  • In Person Training

  • Mock Dress Rehearsal Shows

  • Live Gigs



  • 21 years or older (Old enough to rent a car)

  • BFA or MFA in Theater

  • At least one year experience working with kids and acting in children's productions.

  • Background checks are mandatory. Do not apply if you have an arrest record or been charged with sexual misconduct.

  • All Genders Welcome

  • All Ethnicities Welcome

  • Must have a car or SUV


We offer ten different one person shows featuring roles as a:

  • Astronaut

  • Pirate

  • Paleontologist

  • Circus ringmaster

  • Fairy Godparent 

  • Anti-bullying Trainer

  • Construction Worker

  • Storyteller


Pay $250 - $1,200 per show plus travel

Estimated Yearly Income:

1st Year - $20,000 - $40,000

2nd Year - $40,000 - $60,000

3rd Year and Beyond - $60,000 to $160,000

Shows dates are ongoing.

Show Duration 30 - 50 minute

All sets, audio visual equipment, props & costumes are provided. Actors are paid for "In Person Training and Live Gigs."


Email with headshot, resume and links to reels demonstrating your work.

Our New Ports Of Call

We have developed an extensive expansion program. This year, The Story Ship has established storage areas or "Ports" for all props, audio visual equipment and costuming needed to perform the shows in New York, NY and Savannah, GA. We have located the these near major airports for easy access.


We are adding new Ports at major metropolitan areas across the United States and soon the world, over the next few years. Here are the planned locations:

Dallas, TX

Miami, FL

Chicago, Ill

Los Angles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Boston, MA

Washington, DC

London, UK

Make one of these wonderful cities your new home and establish a long term career performing for the children of these communities.

See how our site traffic is doing to get you gigs!

Kids Do a Dinosaur Roar School Assembly Show
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