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Circus Title School Assembly Shows

An Immersive Storytelling Adventure

Storyteller and musician, Sean Driscoll, combines comedy-theater, puppets magic, music and animation into an extraordinary live perfor­ance The show is about a young boy who is raised by a circus of misfits. Together, the boy and circus performers find a ways to help each other overcome their fears and realize their dreams.


The story is fully animated and shown on a big screen. The au­dience and cast of characters help the boy discover his destiny. The animated characters actually talk with the children and Sean. Then with a little magic they come right out of the screen as puppets! 


There is Ella the elephant with bad allergies. When she sings she sneezes and sprays the audience with water. There's also a lazy lion with curlers in his hair and crossed eyed acrobats swinging through the air. The show is loaded with laughter and audience participation.


  • 40 -45  minutes long

  • Tech Needs - One Table, 2 chairs

  • We bring everything else including Sound and Video Projection''

  • Works in small places and to large and even in small theaters of 250 seats. 

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