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Create An Animated
Time Travel Video

Student Project Time Travel Interactive Animated Interview.mp4.00_00_14_12.Still002.jpg

Create A Social Studies Animation

Time Travel Interview With Historical Figures

We bring all hardware and software needed!

Have your students create an animated historical social studies adventure. Choose from 20 different famous leaders to create an interactive time travel interview or skit. Students can use the bodies and costumes of animated characters and animate their own face!

It's super fun and easy to do! The whole project can be completed by each class with just three to five sessions. Making residencies 3 days or 5 days.

Historical Characters Featured

George Washington

Benjamin Franklin

Abraham Lincoln

Ulysses Grant

Robert E. Lee

Thomas Jefferson

Martin Luther King

Rosa Parks 

and many more

Watch the videos below to see samples.

Workshop Residency Structure

The projects are broken into workshops. This allows your school to focus funds on their specific needs. You can select a path directed at either teacher training, artist student interaction or a combination thereof. You can also skip workshops in areas where teachers are already proficient and target areas that best suit your needs.


Each workshop is flexible in time ranging from 45 to 50 minutes long to accommodate the school's scheduling needs.


Virtual & In Person

Each workshops is offered virtually and in person. We highly recommend selecting virtual workshops to cut down on the cost.


All workshops are $350 per session with a four session minimum per day.

(Add $125 per night for hotel and mileage at .60 per mile for in person residences.)

Tech Requirements

You don't need a thing! Just give us the kids and  a room. We do the rest. We bring everything needed including camera, lights, green screens, computers, software, iPads and apps. This is so schools can try out new technology without having to purchase anything. We will also leave you with recommendations of what to buy should your school want to purchase equipment or software.

Call 912-663-6320 or email us to book a workshop  or for more information.

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