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Diggery's Dino

A Live Theatrical Show
Science Based Immersive Adventure

While Paleontologist Diggery is showing his dinosaur fossils to a live audience, he discovers a “top secret” box the museum accidentally packed. Curious, Diggery opens the box and unleashes the DinoSauroScope 3000 or DINA taking the audience back into time to interact with dinosaurs. All is well until they use DINA on a large dinosaur egg. The egg hatches and an amazing thing happens.


The dinosaurs in museums around the world start to come alive! The only way to stop this dinosaur regeneration is to return the baby dinosaur back to it’s mother. Come along for a rocking dino adventure with Diggery and save the human race.


The show has incredible props including large interactive animated characters, dinosaur bones, a giant dinosaur egg and beautiful puppets. Combined with intriguing magic and rocking music, this is the Story Ship’s most memorable adventure. Audience members constantly interact with the animated dinosaurs, scan with the DINA, help solve puzzles and dance. Only you can help stop the dinosaur invasion and save the world! Book a show now!

Watch Diggery's "Dinosaur of the Week" video series:

















For Ages Pre-K - 4th Grade


45 - 50 Minute Show

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Curriculum Connections

Summarize Physical Properties Of Earth Materials

Understand The Use Of Fossils

Infer Ideas About Early Environments From Fossils

Understand The Effects Of Environmental Changes

Tech Information for Theaters

Stage Plot

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Dinosaur Of The Week

Dinosaur Of The Week

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