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"Aliens Alive"


Available For In Person And Virtual Shows

While reporting live, The Story Ship’s science reporter, Sarah, is kidnapped by aliens and trapped on a space ship bound for the outer regions of our solar system!  Audience volunteers must quickly form a Rescue Team and use math magic, dance  and music to get her back.  The audience helps to unravel a celestial musical message. Each Alien communication gives us clues as to the Alien’s location and how to rescue Sarah. This show is highly interactive with audience participation every minute to two minutes with kids helping with solving puzzles and math problems, assisting magic tricks, singing, dancing, and navigating the rescue rocket through an interactive game.

There is even an accompanying app that allows kids to help fly the Story Ship Rocket during the show. Download accompanying app here.

For Ages: Pre-K – 5th Grade

45 Minute Show

Download Study Guide

Space School Show Set Story Ship
Space Science School Show Robot Solar System The Story Ship
Space School Show Set The Story Ship.jpg
Space School Science Show Story Ship
Space Science School Show Sound Frequenc
Space Science School Show Venus Planets
Space Science School Show Solar System J
Space Science School Show Solar System T
Space Science School Show Asteriod Solar
Hornbuckle and Baseketball Astronaut
Space Science School Show Solar System E
Space Science School Show Robot
Space Science School Show Saturn Planets
Space Science School Show Planets Uranus
Space Science School Show Mr
Space School Show Science Sound Story Sh
Space School Show Planets Mercury Solar
Space School Show Alien Dance Science St
Space  School Show Mars The Story Ship
Space School Show Math Story Ship STEAM.
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