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"Shanghaid! Pirate escape Room"

(Math Challenge Adventure)

Take your students on an amazing escape room adventure. Built for single school class or small group experience of up to 25 kids this in-class adventure will entertain and challenge your kids for an educational adventure they will be talking about for months.


The Story...

Captain Stinky Feet needs a crew to sail his ship. Your kids unknowingly have fallen into a trap when they entered the room. They have been "Shanghaied!" But they can still escape if they solve the mathematical mysteries and unlock the puzzles of the captain's ship. Unique antique nautical props and puzzles await them as they use their wits and mathematical knowledge to find their way to freedom.

​How it works...

The captain arrives a half hour before the students enter to find his ship/room and setup even as the kids are coming in. Props are placed around the room. An engaging video appears on the smartboard or a screen to give hints and challenges. Throughout the session the captain is helping the kids’ giving hints and preparing the next challenge. Math puzzles, word problems, locks, secret codes, and cyphers offer wonderful opportunities to test students’ math skills.

Reset for the next session takes 10 minutes and can be done between classes.

  • Live Pirate Actor

  • Super Cool Historical Props

  • Highly Interactive Puzzles and Games

  • Builds Teamwork Skills

  • Hints Given Along the Way

  • Teachers and Adults Can Have Fun Too

  • Math Calculations Appropriate to Each Grade Level

$300 per session with a three-session minimum per day

For 4th - 8th Grade Students

Available in 30- or 50-Minute Adventures

Portable Escape Room

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