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Virtual School Shows

Virtual School Shows are Educational and Fun

The Story Ship, LLC, is a nationwide performance and workshop which puts on virtual school shows. It consists of interactive animation, storytelling, music, comedy, theater, games, magic, and puzzles. There is no other show like it in the United States of America. The virtual school shows appear in libraries, theaters, schools, resorts, festival settings, and after school programs. Since The Story Ship, LLC has been performing; they have put on over 7,000 shows and done so for thousands of kids and adults every year. Sean Driscoll is the founder of The Story Ship, LLC, and has done educational shows for over forty years. He has won several awards and recognized throughout the country for entertaining both children and adults alike. The shows appear virtual through Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, Vimeo, and other live stream portals. The Story Ship has been ongoing for over two decades with unique educational programs. It started for school assemblies and theaters but now has moved on through the virtual world.

There are four virtual school shows, with one of them being a school science show. All of the shows focus on the standard curriculums of Math, Language, Reading, and Science. There is the "Pirate Goodie and The Magic Chest," which has an added anti-bullying theme. The "Fairy Godfather and the Wand of Dreams," which deals with Math. "Aliens Alive," which is the virtual school science show, and it has STEAM, STEM with a Live Robot. Finally, there is "Super Me!" That one is also an anti-bullying show directed for third graders through fifth graders. All of the shows are carefully crafted to have an exciting theme with education in the mix. Since the show went virtual, it has been able to reach more people at a time and allows up to 50 classrooms to partake in the live show. Children can also sign in from home to join in as well.

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